“Surrender, let go, and free ourselves from our own bindings.

Savoring the beauty of the present moment and connecting deeply.

Lost in bliss and experiencing the serenity of our belonging.

Transcending our fear and falling into trust, 

a dance with the divine,

where we experience our own beauty,

and are at one with all.”


Creative Delights & Beautiful Surprises

I had been wanting to experiment with water and photography for awhile. The qualities of water and our personal relationship with it are quite intimate.

Water cleanses with a sensual touch and nourishes our being at its core.  We can be held like babes in the womb, experiencing a temporary refuge from the heaviness of the world. It felt like an obvious fit to explore such a sensual thing in combination with the sensual nude series I have been developing. 

I was recently reacquainted with Ariel and was instantly inspired by her beauty. As It turns out, one of her many jobs is working at The Dive Bar in Sacramento where a mermaid swims in a giant saltwater tank that hangs over the bar. She is one of the mermaids! All of this was starting to feel a bit serendipitous…..

It was a fun and interesting day working through the logistics of directing action in water, working to keep myself at the bottom of the pool, and finding a way to review photos on camera while afloat. The original concept was to explore black and white images for my Sensual Nude series. However, upon review, these images screamed to be in color and were of a completely different nature than what was intended. Talk about a beautiful surprise. 

Novelist and author Steven Pressfield writes in his book “The War of Art” about pulling in creative power when we are doing creative work: “Power concentrates around us. The Muse takes note of our dedication. She approves. We have earned favor in her sight. When we sit down and work, we become like a magnetized rod that attracts iron filings. Ideas come. Insights accrete.”

Seven images were selected from the shoot to illustrate the narrative that I penned from their inspiration and my feelings on the subject. 

Those images are presented to you here:

I learned a lot and I am totally inspired to pursue this further.  Keep a look out for some amazing outtakes on instagram



In addition I am please to announce that an image from this series won in Range Finder Magazine’s contest,  “Celebrate the Body Photo Contest” in the Professional Fine Art category. I am super excited to have been selected and be a part of such a great selection of works. The contest winners work will be featured in the November issue of Rangefinder as well as in an online gallery, here: , RF-Celebrate the Body Photo Contest

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