I recognize myself in a part of David Mitchell. I met “Bulletproof” while updating some photos for Fitsom Studios. At the time I was looking to build upon my fitness portfolio and proposed a test shoot.  During the shoot I captured some motion clips of David shadow boxing in a Sacramento alley way. I loved the way the clip looked and processed it out into a high contrast, low saturation look that felt like it could have come from a scene in Sin City.

What I recognized in David was that passionate heart that burns in all creatives. A commitment  to the craft. A draw that keeps one pushing forward even in the face of set backs and self doubt. Because ultimately it is more than what we do, it’s who we are, and there really isn’t another option than to keep knocking it out, (pun intended).

I continue to explore motion and really enjoy the medium. The alley way clip inspired me to create a short reel piece,  I wanted to tell the story of David’s commitment, his driving passion, and the restlessness that can accompany that.

By the time we circled back around to scheduling a motion shoot things had changed. There were a couple of fights under his belt along with a new haircut, so the motion project needed to start from scratch. We had a couple of sessions shooting at Ultimate Fitness in Sacramento where David trained. I am really pleased with the way this piece came out. Please let me know if you can feel the “Tenterhooks.” 

Include in this posting are some stills from the original shoot.

For more about David visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Mitchell_(fighter)


Still frame from original alley way test.




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