The Golden Years – Aging Beautifully

I recently was commissioned to create a series of images that illustrated what it’s like to age beautifully. The client was Viamonte, a new concept in a retirement community that is being developed in Walnut Creek. The creative objective was to tell the story of what it is like to live and play in Walnut Creek within the context of aging vibrantly well.


It was a pleasure to collaborate with Philadelphia based advertising agency LevLane to achieve this project. Lori Miller, the creative director on set, was a complete joy to work with. Our models and casting were supplied by the Blackwell Files and each one did an amazing job. I couldn’t be happier with the end results.


One of the things I like most of about these types of projects is getting to work with my trusted crew. John Fraser in particular is full of energy and keeps everybody on their toes. Pictured below is Lori standing in on one of our shots while John keeps the isle from flying away in the wind.

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I also got my son Aidan involved playing the role of a grandson. I couldn’t help but laugh seeing my little surfer boy dressed to play golf.


Working with six models over two days we covered numerous locations, with one of my favorites being the UC Berkeley arboretum.


Like any good photographer, it’s not uncommon for me to chase the last of the sunlight as the evening sets. This made for beautiful golden hour portraits.


I extend a deep bow of appreciation to everyone involved in in this hugely successful project!

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