Pictures in Paradise

Earlier this year I had the good fortune to have a working vacation. What started out as collaboration with a yoga retreat to Tulum Mexico ended up expanding into a shoot for the resort where we were staying. This was my first time to the Mayan Riviera and it was a truly wonderful experience.


The retreat was hosted at Amansala. It is an eco-resort that is a bit more rustic. The kind of place were mosquito nets are draped over the beds and you embrace the sand and sticky skin.


I met many people and made some wonderful new friends. Deep connections can form when we share who are and our experiences in life. It is in those moments sharing that we can experience our common humanity.


Darlene was my main contact at the resort. Inspired by her beauty and the sexy little sundresses that she designed we spent a little of time engaging the surf.



It is always rejuvenating to take a break from life’s necessities. To regroup, ground, breathe deeply and be at peace. To remind ourselves what is important in life and give ourselves the resources to be our best.


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