You & The Mat

Denise and Eric asked me to help them tell the story; or rather share the experience of what it feels like to practice at their studio.  They have a vision of using art to connect people with their inner inspiration and a desire to create a space with the soul intent of love, You and the Mat was formed.


In addition to telling their story I continued to explore images that are in the style of my “Connection and the Art of Yoga” series.   I took pause when photographing Denise. Her graceful domineer combined with the ethereal tone of the images revealed a spiritual quality that brought a new layer of interpretation to the series.


Over the course of working with them a connection began to form that was the quintessence of family.  I felt a sense of peace in their presence that can be experienced when you feel like you are home.


And last but not least, everyone needs a good portrait to help place the faces with the name. The instructor portraits at the end of the portfolio were intended to express their fun and passion towards the craft.  It was inspiring and a complete joy to collaborate with such a lovely group of people.


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